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  • Sensorimotor Psychotherapy (SP)

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    Sensorimotor psychotherapy (SP) is a somatic therapy approach that focuses on healing trauma, trauma-related disorders, or unhealthy attachment patterns formed in early childhood. SP integrates the body and movement into traditional therapy to address and heal ongoing psychological and physical difficulties (Bartella, 2011).

     Through SP, we discover how our body, thoughts, and feelings have responded to traumatic experiences and develop new functional ways of responding to past experiences. 

    The goals of sensorimotor psychotherapy are:

    • Understand the impact that experiences have on both mind and body.
    • Track and follow the body impulses governed by the flight-flight-or-freeze reaction of the autonomic nervous system,
    • Develop awareness of physical symptoms and sensations and how these relate to the trauma and emotional responses.
    • Differentiate the past from the present so the mind and body respond appropriately to current happenings rather than reacting from traumatic memories.

    If you or a loved one suffer from emotional dysregulation, numbness, or inability to feel, anxiety, or depression and would like to explore treatment options, please reach out to me. I have personally seen amazing transformation through therapy and want to offer the help you need to enjoy life again.